Geeking out on Gear: Thomy Sloane from Batpiss

This sharp looking fellow is Thomy. You may not be able to pick it from this very sharp looking picture, but he is responsible for some very dirty, gritty and wildly noisey rock with his band Batpiss. He also has a handful of other associated works, but as you would know if you’ve been paying attention, here at Neptune Wakes, we like to focus on the dirt-stained side of things. And Batpiss provide plenty of that.

Was there a particular reason you decided to start playing and why did you choose your particular instrument?

Growing up my family wasn’t particularly musical so I mostly found music I liked through skateboarding videos. A friend of mine rocked up to my place one certain weekend with his very own Ibanez guitar and it was the coolest shit ever. Both of us didn’t have a clue how to play it but eventually started to figure out basic notes from songs off the skate videos over the next few weeks.I somehow convinced my parents into buying me a guitar for Christmas or something like that later that year. Which come to think of it is pretty hilarious as I recall them once gifting me a toy guitar that had no strings, just buttons to push and every button had like a 5 second solo shred. I distinctly remember showing it off to my Aunty or someone and my Mum saying “it’s the closest thing he’ll ever get to a real one”.

When you first started playing, who was it you wanted to sound like?

I guess Nirvana. Even though I had no knowledge that you could make a guitar sound different through different things back then. All I knew was if I tried to play Nirvana on my Ibanez and Peavey Rage turned up to max, everyone in my household would get really pissed off.

What setup are you currently running? ( instrument/ amp/ pedals )

Currently my setup is still set up from playing in Blake Scotts band and for my duo with Lucy Waldron.Guitars – Fender Jazzmaster and a Warren Ellis Tenor 2p from Eastwood Guitars.The Tenor 2p is probably my favourite guitar I own, probably because it has 4 strings and I’m not really about the fancy shredding stuff. I’ve put baritone strings on it and also play it with a bow for certain songs. The tuning is C F A# D# and sounds mean as hell.Amp – Fender Hotrod DeluxePedalboard – Boss Loop Station into Hologram Dream Sequence into Strymon Timeline into Boss DD7 into TC Electronic Tailspin into Boss BD-2w Waza into OCD into Tuner. Now say that fast 3 times.
For Batpiss I use a Fender Jazz bass through an Orange Terror Bass head and Ampeg 8×10 fridge. Pedal set up is a Sansamp Para Driver DI, Strymon Timeline, Black Balls Fuzz, Tuner. For Guitar i use my Jazzmaster through an Orange Rocker 30 and some shitty homemade 2 x 12 cab. Pedals are usually what’s available on the day as me and Bones tend to bring different ones each time because we forget what ones we used last time. But as long as the Black Balls is there for the bass. It’s all good.

Is there a piece of gear you’ve sold that still haunts you? 

I don’t think I’ve sold any of my gear. I know i’ve given stuff away but never sold i don’t think. That’s probably why there’s so much shit laying around all the time. Plus I’m a bit of a pedal hoarder.

What budget gear has surprised you, and do you run anything in your setup that might surprise others?

I don’t really tend to buy so-called budget gear anymore but I definitely have in the past. I bought a Telestar guitar off Link Meanie for $100 (that I still have) about 10 years ago and I guess what surprised me was how shit it is. Plays like a baked bean sandwich.  And wait. I lie. Because just recently last year I bought a cheap cello off a 14 year old. It was an ebay purchase and they were very professional telling me all about the purchase. It was just super weird rocking up to the house and a kid in a school uniform hands me a cello and i give them money. Weird as. But i actually love playing it because its pretty harsh and have used it quite a bit on my first solo record which will be coming out next year. But I guess if anything in my setup that might surprise others it would be the Tenor being played with a bow and pretty distorted. Everything else is pretty stock I guess.

I trust anything with a ………………. Logo

I don’t trust anything that doesn’t have a Tom Lyngcoln logo on it. And I don’t think anything has a TL logo on it. So I don’t trust anyone or anything.

Instrument/ pedals/ amp. Which is the most important for you to achieve YOUR sound?

Instrument for me. I’m not that great of a player but I enjoy writing with all different kinds of instruments. The way I approach writing is a lot about playing the instrument somewhat unconventional. Like there’s hundreds of wrong notes out there but for every chord there’s always 1 right wrong note. I love trying to find that 1 note that just fucks everything up a little bit and makes it a bit weird. I rarely play a power chord.

If you could have any tone from any song, which would it be?

I’ve always said ya just can’t beat Johnny Ramones tone. Doesn’t matter which song. Mick Turner on any Dirty Three record also. Fuck it. Let’s put Fred Cole in there too. Any song. You pick.

Have you ever had a horrible case of gear failure on a stage?

Yep. Golden Plains 2018 with Batpiss. Second song in and my output jack fucks up. It messed with me big time and I couldn’t recover. Our tech gave me a different lead and jammed it in which got me through the rest of the set but I was heartbroken and walked off the stage fucken spewin’. Was a shame because that’s meant to be one of the best gigs you can do as a local band. I hated every minute of it.

If you could talk over gear and setups with any musician ( living or dead) who would it be?

I’d love to chat with Nels Cline of Wilco and Warren Ellis. I’ve met Nels a couple of times but never been the time or place to start talking shop. Lovely guy though. Such an interesting player. If I tried to talk to Warren Ellis I’d probably regret every minute of it. I think I’d much prefer these days to talk to Anthony Bourdaine about travel and food.

Cheers to Thomy. He’s a champ of the highest order. If you get a chance to see a Batpiss show you should. No need to thank me after.

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